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Great visual step-by-step instructions on both simple and more complex knots. Instructions How to Tie a Tie...


Mao didn't wear a tie

I guess its just a pr stunt posing a reinvigorating chinese culture, which may seem a bit ironic in the new not yet really post communist China. When I was there 15 years ago the only folks who wore such things were pesants. Maybe its grunge?

Hong Kong fashion label Shanghai Tang Tuesday launched the "Mandarin Collar Society," a group that wants to "liberate" businessmen from the Western dress code of suit and tie with the more relaxed Chinese collar, a style favored by Mao Zedong and other Chinese leaders.

Learn how to cut kids hair


In the Windsor Circle: Big Knots Return from the WSJ

So that was the word from the Wall Street Journal on March 10, 2007. That makes it official in my book. Funny thing is that they had three photos on the outside and three on the inside and all the guys on the inside looked the best. Forest Whitaker, oscar in hand looked the best. His double Windsor knot tied from a gray-purple silk tie looked solid.

Strangely though on the cover was a photo of Viacom's Sumner Redstone and his tie looked like total crap. His Windsor knot was all mashed up and lumpy. I will give him credit though for the shirt collar which was nice and wide, pretty close to straight across and gave his knot lots of room, unfortunately in his case to look like crap, but well paired crap none the less.

How to tie the Windsor tie knot with easy to follow video instruction.

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Tie for the Worst Dressed

A Tie doesn't seem fair really I'd give Britney the top crime award any day, anyone who walks barefoot into a gas station bathroom is a sure winner.

LOS ANGELES -- Dubbed "style-free and fashion deprived," Britney Spears and Paris Hilton tied for the No. 1 spot on Mr. Blackwell's 47th annual "Worst Dressed" list released Tuesday.
"Two peas in an overexposed pod," Blackwell said of the skimpy attire worn by the two celebutantes he called the "Screamgirls."
Some of Blackwell's nastiest words were reserved for Camilla Parker-Bowles, a member of the British royal family, who finished No. 2 on the list.
"The Duchess of Dowdy strikes again," wrote Blackwell. "In feathered hats that were once the rage, she resembles a petrified parakeet from the Jurassic age. A royal wreck."
Blackwell, no longer an active designer but still an acid-tongued critic of celebrity fashion, aimed his poison pen at Hollywood, with young entertainers dominating the list.
At No. 3 was actress Lindsay Lohan, scolded by Blackwell for turning "from adorable to deplorable."
Christina Aguilera was also in Blackwell's fashion hall of shame. He called her a "dazzling singer" but added that she "puts good taste through the wardrobe wringer. All crass and no class."
He referred to Mariah Carey as "Mariah the fashion pariah ... the queen of catastrophic kitsch," and "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul as "a fallen fashion idol."
He said actress Sharon Stone resembles "an over-the-hill Cruella DeVille," and Tori Spelling embodies "down and out in Beverly Hills."
"Grey's Anatomy" star Sandra Oh was faulted for too many beads and bangles. "She's layered lunacy from head to toe," Blackwell said.
Meryl Streep, who starred in the fashion-themed movie, "The Devil Wears Prada," came in at No. 10 on the annual dis-list.
"From Streep you could weep," Blackwell said. "Her beauty of a career cannot be denied, but that beast of a wardrobe is pure mother of the bride." More...

Pan-Asian or Asian Fusion Restaurant Recipies on Video.


How to find the best rate on your savings

Never hurts

How to find the best rate on your savings
Personal Finance and Savings
You can’t please all of the people all of the time. Mortgage borrowers maybe happy with the recent 0.25 per cent cut in the base rate, but savers with First Direct, Bradford & Bingley, Universal Building Society and ING have all had the rates paid on their savings cut over the last few weeks. If you’re looking for a home for your savings, then read on. We tell you how to find the best home for your cash in a climate of falling interest rates.

Finding the right account

It used to be that higher rates were always paid on accounts that required you to tie your money up and give notice before you could gain access, but this is no longer always the case. High rates are often found on internet and postal instant access accounts. And many of these accounts will allow instant access by issuing debit cards. Yorkshire Building Society, for example, issues a cash card with its Internet Saver account, which pays 5 per cent on balances of £1 upwards.

High street banks and building societies often offer the lowest rates for their branch-based accounts, so although it may be convenient to have all your business with one institution, it may not be the best way of getting value for money. NatWest, for example, pays just 1.45 on its Reserve, instant access account. And Nationwide pays just 1.55 on its Cashbuilder account. Both pay higher rates on internet accounts.

Many accounts now come with various rate guarantees and bonuses and many of the current best buys appear in the best buy tables because their rates include a bonus. Abbey’s e-saver, for example, pays 5.10 per cent on £1 plus, but this rate includes a 0.50 per cent bonus for the first six months. So if you go for an account paying a bonus, make sure the rate it pays once the bonus is taken away is still reasonable.

Notice accounts and fixed rates are also available. Kent Reliance and the Post Office both offer a one-year bond paying 5.06 per cent AER and 5.00 per cent AER respectively. If you want to get a higher rate than this, you’ll have to tie your money up for longer. MBNA has a five-year fixed rate bond paying 5.10 AER, with a minimum deposit of £2,500. This will mean that you will miss out on any future interest rate increases.

Rachel Thrussell, head of savings at Moneyfacts.co.uk says: “There are better rates available, as long as customers are happy to lose access to their funds either via a notice period for access or a fixed-term deposit. If they move to one of the options and subsequently need access to their cash, then the interest penalty will wipe out any benefit they would have made on the interest margin. More...

Learn how to tie a tie with easy to follow video instruction.


Shooting Web video: How to put your readers at the scene

Round up of how to shoot quality video

As anyone who’s ever watched a great documentary knows, stories told in video can be amazingly powerful. And as anyone who has sat through home movies knows, they can be mind-numbingly boring as well. If you’re a freelance writer, a blogger or an independent journalist with a story to tell in video, there are steps you can take to make sure your story tilts more toward the powerful than the sleep-inducing. (See Sonya Doctorian's video essays for RockyMountainNews.com.)
The story

First, it’s about content. One of the great things about the Web is that there are so many tools at our fingertips. We can use text, animated graphics, photos, audio or video to tell a story. But that means we need to be thoughtful about which we choose. Video is experiential, immersive, emotional – it puts you at the scene, gives flavor and personality, and of course, shows motion.

Video isn’t cheap in terms of time or equipment. Shooting, editing and posting video all demand more effort and gear than text. So first you need to decide why you want to tell a video story, and then you can gather what you will need to get video on the Web.

If you’re just interested in posting video from your Webcam, this article is not for you. Check out audioblog.com or Vlog it! from seriousmagic.com. Here, we’re going to talk about taking your camera out into the world and shooting video.

A common storytelling exercise is to state your story in one sentence, using an active verb. Who is doing what? “Neighborhood garbage burner” is not a story. On the other hand, “Neighbors hate the smelly garbage burner” has real potential.

Refining your story into a sentence helps focus your idea and keeps you from shooting everything that might have only a tangential relationship to the main idea. If it’s your first time out, start small. Really small. Simple, interesting stories deserve to be told, and they won’t make you insane while you deal with the steep video learning curve.

The gear

You’ve decided video is important to your story. The next issue is the gear you need. The basic tools are a digital video (DV) camera, a microphone, a tripod, a computer with a firewire input and enough processing power to capture and edit video, and video editing software.

Cameras should be DV with firewire. If not, you’ll need additional hardware to capture video to your computer. There are plenty of good microphones available for under $100. A tripod is important because keeping shots steady is critical for Web encoded video. Every change in pixels makes the encoder work harder and makes your picture fuzzier.

A list of audio and video equipment options at several price points is available here on Visual Edge's site. I wrote it about six months ago, so some items may be outdated, but it will give you an idea about equipment costs.

Get comfortable with your gear before you shoot anything you care about. Practice on friends and family. It’s amazing how many things can go wrong in the field. Be sure you’ve got plenty of tapes and batteries, and know how to change them quickly. More...

Learn how to tie a tie with easy to follow video instruction.


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Beach Walk #254 - It’s All About Me (or You)
By Rox
I tie it all together in today's show, giving you some insight into how my brain works when looking ... Beach Walks is one of only 8 video podcasts to be accepted! ... Tags: books, choice,hawaii, dog, vlog, video,podcast, walk, beach, ...
Beach Walks with Rox: Daily Aloha... - http://www.beachwalks.tv

Army Times: 1294 days and 3000 lives short
By Have Skunk
Army Times pads its softball promotion and pay-and-benefits coverage with canned corporate fluff about video games and useless investment advice, ... Like a hippy who traded in his tie-dyes, sandals and microbus for a suit, ...
~have skunk~ - http://haveskunk.blogspot.com

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Pro Wrestling Insider - Xtra - NJ,USA
... I am going to have more video clips then usual for the show so that anyone that has ... Mita tags in Minami, tie-up and they go into a Test of Strength, but Kazama ...

Google fight to clean site
Times Online - UK
... effort to stave off legal action and to become the dominant player in distributing video on the internet, Google is now talking to media companies about tie-ups ...
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Push of a button gets lights, music, action!
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (subscription) - Milwaukee,WI,USA
... In fact, David Palay says, he's thinking of adding another layer of controls to tie together music, video and lights to make it even simpler. ...

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Windows Media Player 11 Released

Ho hum

Windows Media Player 11 Released
Digital-Lifestyles.Info, UK - 10 hours ago
... and home networking devices and hundreds of online music and video services and ... The result of some lucrative MTV marketing tie-in or another, users will have ... More...

Learn how to tie a tie with easy to follow video instruction.


How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

How-to videos as read in the Wall Street Journal

One site launched last year, wikiHow, is completely written and edited by its users, like the popular reference site Wikipedia. ("Wiki" is a general term to describe an open Web site that allows users to edit the site's content; the two wikis aren't related.)

Mr. Herrick, the wikiHow founder, says the site has about 13,000 articles. A primer on how to "do nothing" is among the 50 most-visited guides. (Step 1: "Plan ahead," so you can cancel your appointments.)

At eHow, a site owned by Demand Media, most articles are written by a paid staff, on topics determined by an analysis of popular online searches. Recently, "How to Flirt" and "How to Bake Pumpkin Seeds" were top-rated articles on eHow. The site recently started a user-generated section called weHow, which includes a guide on how to keep a pregnant woman happy ("Just smile and tell her she looks good").

One of the most recent entrants to the field is ViewDo. Alan Puccinelli, a 28-year-old free-lance video producer and editor in Oakland, Calif., began the site in June with Gordy Wray, a structural engineer. Visitors are invited to request topics in the site's online forums and submit their own videos. So far, the site has about 150 clips and has rejected some videos as too obvious.

"Somebody submitted one on how to freeze ice. I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a joke or not," says Mr. Puccinelli.

Some traditional how-to outlets have also been eyeing the user-generated approach. Scripps Networks, a division of E.W. Scripps Co. and the company behind HGTV and the Food Network, is testing models for adding user-participation features to its sites, such as DIYNetwork.com, says Jim Sexton, senior vice president of the interactive group for Scripps Networks. The site is the online version of Scripps's DIY Network cable channel that offers "do it yourself" shows on topics ranging from scrapbooking to auto repair. Readers "want the expert stuff, but they want to hear about people who are adding a deck or replacing a screen door," says Mr. Sexton. "We see it as a growth area for our sites."

Mr. Sexton says companies need to be careful about how they incorporate tips from amateurs. "If someone gets electrocuted or their deck falls down, that reflects poorly on the DIY brand," he says. More...


How-To: Build your own HD projector

Seems like a lot of effort but wow they did it..

Been eyeballing those sweet new high definition projectors? So have we. We're not going to feel guilty for it either, we know what we like. But if your wallet is a little light from your last Engadget inspired shopping session you might dig our how-to latest project. In Today's how-to, we'll start taking a look at building your own HD projector... from an LCD Monitor. This isn't one to be missed.

Building your own projector isn't a new idea. Disassemble a desktop LCD display, put a really, really bright light behind it and add some optics and voila! you've got a projector. The real question: is it worth it? Since you might be a little leery of dropping several hundred dollars on parts and gutting a nice display because people you don't know on an online forum said so, we're going to do it for you.

If you're hell-bent on doing all the research yourself, there are couple of places to check out. Lumenlab recently made access to their forums free. Alternatively, The DIYaudio forum users have some interesting ideas. More...

'I pledge allegiance to the tie'

Ties have yet another use..

Before the start of last night's congressional candidates debate in Williamsport, the candidates and audience of 60 pledged allegiance to U.S. Rep. John Peterson's necktie.

Peterson represents the 5th congressional district, which includes Centre and 16 other counties. He was on stage at the Community Arts Center, the former Capitol Theater on West Fourth Street, between two other candidates:

Jefferson County Democrat Don Hilliard, Peterson's rival for the seat, and U.S. Rep. Don Sherwood, the 10th District incumbent. (The 5th and 10th districts are adjacent, and each includes part of Lycoming County.)

The problem was that, when it came time to pledge allegiance to the flag, there was no American flag anywhere in the center to pledge allegiance to.

But Peterson was wearing a wide necktie with an American flag motif, and the moderator directed everyone to regard it as a flag and pledge allegiance to it.

Peterson cooperated. He held his right hand to his breast, but he slid his hand under the tie flap over his hand.

The flag wasn't the only thing missing Tuesday night. Sherwood's running mate, Democrat Christopher Carney, a political science professor at Penn State Worhington Scranton, did not attend because, his top aide said, he had a previously scheduled commitment.

But an empty chair for Carney was placed on stage next to Sherwood, and the embattled incumbent made the most of it.

After answering his first question Tuesday night, Sherwood gestured to the vacant seat next to him and said: "Do we want a rebuttal from the chair?" More...

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How to let men enjoy shopping

Is the game on too?

Boutiques aim to let men enjoy shopping

A pool table. A keg of beer. Wireless Xbox. Vintage Playboy magazine pinups on the wall.

It sounds like the quintessential bachelor pad, but these are the wares accessorizing a new just-for-men boutique in Wicker Park.

Called TK Men, the North Avenue store sells exclusive Italian lines on racks filled with fashionable industrial-colored clothes, from T-shirts to dress shirts. Owner Lindsay McKay helps men accessorize and said she never lets a client buy unflattering attire.

"It dawned on me that there's a niche here," McKay said of opening a store for men this summer. "I've gotten a feel for what sort of voids there are."

One gaping hole is that there are few stores that cater to men, many of whom are averse to shopping, by creating a comfortable environment for them.

Several similar boutiques, often marketed as "lifestyle centers," are popping up in Chicago and elsewhere in the country to tap into an increase in retail shopping power among men. Department stores and chain stores are paying closer attention to male customers, and last year Conde Naste launched Men's Vogue magazine.

"There's a greater recognition that men are viable consumers in their own right. The old mantra that men would bring home money, and women would spend it, is going away. [You see ads] that get men thinking about how they think about themselves," said David Urban, a professor of marketing at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Frank Mazza, a 31-year-old Chicago hairstylist who visits TK about twice a month, is among those who appreciate an increase in shopping choices.

"I'm a boutique type of guy. I don't like going into a bar and seeing a guy with the same outfit," he said.

Toward that end, McKay knows Mazza's name and size and is helping him customize a leather jacket.

At Guise, on North Halsted Street in Lincoln Park, the front of the boutique is a hair salon. In the back Guise sells sports jackets, jeans, underwear and grooming products. Men can get manicures at a bar. Flat-screen televisions pepper the store. Posters of James Dean and Steve McQueen serve as backdrop. Indie rock on a computerized jukebox reverberates in the shop.

And don't forget the free beer.

"I didn't think people were selling the right way to men," said owner Brad Habansky, who opened Guise 18 months ago. "They weren't showing them how to put [outfits] together."

By the time men get a haircut with panache, they might be ready to invest in a wardrobe upgrade, with recommendations from Habansky.

Lee Peterson of WD Partners in Dublin, Ohio, which helps retailers in store designs, said traditional shopping environments such as malls are heavily feminized and can turn off male shoppers. Men don't like to be barraged by sales clerks, he said. Visual simplicity is also more effective; bold graphics, simple displays and wide aisles are crucial.

"Marketing to men is so much different than marketing to women. Woman goes to mall and woman has plan of mall," Peterson said. Men do not.

He said looking at population by age helps decipher shopping trends. Baby Boomers and men under 30 are both big spenders, but younger male shoppers are charmed by a store's aesthetics.New York-based WSL Strategic Retail says it has learned from research that men under the age of 34 shop more like women: They browse and buy items they didn't have in mind, unlike older men who are destination shoppers.

Barry Seifer, principal at CubellisMarco Retail Design in Northville, Mich., said the catchy boutiques for men harkens back to a time 50 years ago.

"These are not new trends, but they're reinventions of older businesses," Seifer said. Made-to-measure suits, hats and clothiers were popular from the late 19th through mid-20th Centuries.

"Men's status was equated with custom-made clothes," he said. "Now in the age of mass production of the post-war era, those brands able to mass produce clothing became ascendant." He tells clients they no longer drive the brand bus.

Veteran store owner Gus Isacson is wary of retail gimmicks. Twelve years ago he opened Shirts on Sheffield and sells only six of every shirt. There are 300 different shirts, a rainbow of warm and chrome colors. Several years ago he tried offering beer to patrons but eventually nixed the idea.

"Customers don't have time. They want to come in, measure a shirt and learn how to tie a knot," Isacson said. "You drink in a bar, shop in a store."

He said Shirts on Sheffield offers individuality and thick hangers.

Others agree that beer is imagery and question whether video games and magazines will lure customers.

Delia Passi, author of "Winning the Toughest Customer: The Essential Guide to Selling to Women," said women must feel good about a purchase, while men are more goal oriented and don't meander in malls.

"Men do not like to linger in the [shopping] process," Passi said.

She added that serving beer won't necessarily translate into buying. Men need coaxing and matching ensembles put together for them.

The inspiration for Dion Antic to open Him, located on North Damen Avenue, was to offer quality clothes similar to items offered in the country's coastal cities. The store looks like an entertainment room, with a foosball table, beer and oversize leather chairs. Him opened last year.

"I wanted to make shopping a little more entertaining. If you're paying $150 for a pair of jeans, you want to enjoy it," Antic said.

"Men needed more options," he said. "Most men need someone to guide them but not be pushy."



How-to Videos all over the world

How-to Videos from India

Emergence of a plethora of video tutorials

A huge collection of links to videos related to a range of subjects is hosted

The services enable creative, business savvy, netizens to attempt innovative ventures
OF LATE, Net is going through a viral wave of user generated videos, thanks to video hosting services such as Youtube, Google video, Yahoo Video, Blip.tv, Uncut video and the like. An offshoot of this trend in video hosting is the emergence of video tutorials on almost all subjects. This edition of NetSpeak discusses this trend and provides some tips on a few video tutorial sources.

The availability of simple video hosting services enables creative, business savvy netizens attempt innovative ventures without incurring much expenses. The creation and distribution of video shows have become easy and this provides an opportunity for many netizens to display their skills/knowledge. The mushrooming of short videos on different technical subjects with enough illustrations attests to this observation.

The widespread posting of a variety of digital videos with tips for bloggers is a good example of this trend. Unlike in the past, technical skills of the blogging community have grown to perfection. Rather than hosting on free blog hosting services like Blogger, nowadays many bloggers choose to keep their blogs on own servers to gain more control. The availability of free/powerful blogging systems (like Wordpress) facilitates this trend.


A blog based on Wordpress can be customised at different levels and be made user-friendlier, provided you know how it works. Sensing this market requirement, many tutorials meant for helping you exploit the Wordpress blog features are being released. For instance, the video tutorial, Permalinks (http: //www.tubetorial.com/blog-permalinks-word/) , teaches you how to make links to each of the posts (permalinks) in a blog more search-engine friendly. Besides this tutorial, there are many more similar ones to be located on the site Tubetorial.

Now, if you want to learn some PHP programming, the videos available at `PHP video Tutorial' (http://www.phpvideotutorials.com/) could be of some help.

`Killer PHP' is another site meant for PHP enthusiasts (http://killerphp.com/).

On-line security is fast becoming an issue of concern for netizens and a little awareness on security matters would keep you and your computer in good health. If you wish to update your on-line security knowledge, visit IronGeek (http://www.irongeek.com/), where you can find several videos describing various Net security concepts. In this regard, you may also visit GRC `Security Now' (http://www.grc.com/securitynow.htm) that hosts podcasts on Net security by the famous security expert Steve Gibson. Podcasts like `How the Internet Works' will certainly enhance your Net skills.

Besides the aforementioned ones, innumerable video/non-video tutorials on a wide array of subjects are available. Let us run through them quickly.

A plethora of tutorial sites are available for learning computer programming. Tizag Tutorials (http://www.tizag.com/), a site with several tutorials on a multitude of scripting languages (like PHP and PERL) and other web languages/technologies (like HTML, XML and CSS), is a resource worth exploring. `Programming Tutorials' (http://www.programmingtutorials.com/default.aspx) is yet another service from where you can unearth tutorial links related to various computer-programming languages. Those of you who are keen to learn the basics of application development using languages such as `Visual c#,' may access the video series hosted at Microsoft's `Learning Resources' (http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/visualCSharp/ learning/).

TechTutorials (http://www.techtutorials.net/) is a directory of links to web based tutorials on diverse computer technologies such as hardware, databases, programming and so on.

Collection of links

A huge collection of links to videos related to a range of subjects that include Economics, Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science is hosted on the site `Educational Audio Video Internet Library' (http://tinyurl.com/khh4l).

Here you will find links to excellent videos (like the lecture series `Principles of Macro Economics' — http://www. nr.cc.va.us/eco201/Real/Real.htm). Students of Physics may find Video Lectures in College Physics (http://www.free-ed.net/free-ed/Science/Physics/physicsMIT 01_VOD.asp) really rewarding. Recently released video sharing service, Videojug (http://www.videojug.com/) is a good place for locating instructional videos that lucidly explain/demonstrate how various life-tasks (like `how to bandage an elbow') are performed.

Apart from the ones mentioned above many new video/non-video tutorials are being generated. To help us easily track and locate the relevant ones, many search services/tutorial blogs are in place. Some such services have been mentioned in the past (http://www.hindu. com/biz/2006/01/23/stories /2006012300321800. htm).

In addition to them, you may find search services like Tutorialised (http://www.tutorialized.com/) and TutorialFX (http://www.tutorial fx.com/index.php) very valuable. Tutorialme is a good resource, where one gets tutorial updates on technology subjects such as PHP, JavaScript, CSS and so on. More...

Learn how to tie a tie with easy to follow video instruction.